Find a value in Excel Sheet

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To Find a value in excel sheet, use following code:
1) Create a Excel application object

2) Open Excel file

3) Select sheet

4) Find the matching value

5) change cell color to Gray

6) Save the sheet

7) close the Excel file



'1) Create a Excel application object'
Set appExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

'2) Open Excel file'
 Set objWorkBook = appExcel.Workbooks.Open (filepath)'opens the sheet

 '3) Select sheet

 Set objSheet = appExcel.Sheets("Sheet1")' To select particular sheet
With objSheet.UsedRange ' select the used range in particular sheet
'4) Find the matching value'
            Set finddata = .Find (matchdata)' data to find
        For each excelcell in objSheet.UsedRange' Loop through the used range
                     If finddata=matchdata then' compare with the expected data
                     '5) change cell color to Gray'
                                excelcell.Interior.ColorIndex = 40' make the gary color if it finds the data
                    End If
                    Set excelcell = .FindNext(excelcell)' next search
End With

'6) Save the sheet

'7) close the Excel file'
set appExcel=nothing